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You should realize that weed is a fucking drug too! And this is fucked up that a drug is one of the biggest trends now… Weed doesn’t cure any of your problems and medical marijuana is a different thing so I don’t want to hear anything about that. And yeah I smoked a lot of weed but I don’t smoke no more cause I realized that weed is just like any other drug. It doesn’t matter if its natural and its green and bla bla. Soo all you hippies should stop smoking weed and get your shit together.



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I miss powerlifting soo much :( I want to be healthy again…

My body weight is 12-13kg less… I was like 112kg…

Oh my my… :D

Can’t wait for this next school… Its like a girls school :D:D

Girls - Can you cook?

I mean are there any girls who still can cook? And not some basic things but things like homemade pasta, ravioli, gnocchi, or amazing family ragus things like that.